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Housing boom much? Homes seem to be moving off the market in the Keys faster than toilet paper moved off the shelves last spring. If you’ve been wondering about this market, we’re here to help.

Top 10 signs the Florida Keys real estate bubble is ready to pop:

  1. You keep trying to explain to friends in your hometown that the 800-square-foot “fixer upper” you purchased for $750,000 was a great deal.


  1. Your Realtor keeps bitching that her McLaren doesn’t have enough space for a second car seat. 


  1. There are fewer than 700 homes listed for sale in the Keys … and over 5,000 Realtors. 


  1. It is easier to get a COVID vaccine than it is to own a home in the Florida Keys. 


  1. Your monthly mortgage, property taxes and insurance payments leave you with just enough money to be absolutely broke. 


  1. You’ve closed on four separate home equity loans against your primary property … in the last six months. 


  1. Your new neighbor, a Saudi prince, asked if you would mind pet-sitting his falcon on Friday evenings.  


  1. You sold your home for 4 times more than you paid for it … and yet you still can’t afford to buy something else in the Keys. 


  1. Your Realtor, who lost eight properties in 2010, swears “this real estate bubble won’t end for at least another two years.” 


  1. Your Realtor’s business card reads, “If it ain’t a cash offer … your ass need not bother.”


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