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President Joe Biden is getting ready to unveil another $1.8 trillion plan to support education, child care and paid family leave during his first address to Congress this week. The massive package, dubbed the “American Families Plan,” is supposed to provide an equitable recovery from the COVID pandemic. The plan includes $1 trillion in spending and $800 million in tax credits for the middle class.

 Top 10 reasons Biden’s American Families Plan may not be good for you: 

  1. The name of your boat is “Buck Fiden.”
  1. The Child Tax Credit doesn’t apply to your 28-year-old son who refuses to move out until he finds a management position “that provides a healthy work/life balance.”
  1. You make a lot of money.
  1. The proposed universal daycare for 3- and 4-year-olds will cripple your company’s labor force.
  1. You have a lot of kids. But a lot of other women claim them as dependents.  
  1. You have already used the “dead grandma,” “sick aunt,” and “injured hamster” excuses at work, so the “Paid Leave” clause is pretty much worthless for you. 
  1. The phrase “enhanced IRS enforcement” causes instant sweats and dry mouth.
  1. Your life savings is currently wrapped up in Bitcoin or Gamestop. 
  1. You define “middle class” the same way Monroe County defines “affordable housing.” 
  1. You still believe “trickle down” makes it all the way down.

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