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Is it time to join the throngs of pickleball players? Time to discover a new, sexy, badass singer? Or time to see a new basketball champion crowned? Read on and see.

WATCH | NBA Finals on ABC 

Why? Because for the first time since the Nixon administration, a new team is going to win a ring. Either the Phoenix Suns or the Milwaukee Bucks will be this year’s unlikely NBA champions after the completion of their current best-of-seven series, which means we finally have a Finals without Lebron James or Steph Curry (it’s the first time this has happened in seven years) and without a major market franchise like the Lakers, Nets, Heat, Celtics, Warriors, etc. The even playing field offers fans a rare series of exciting basketball parity, without the inevitable abundance of phantom fouls reserved for superstar players. So for those who love the purity of the game, along with team basketball, this might be your rare chance to get sucked back into an NBA Finals chock full of rising stars (and some vets like Chris Paul) with plenty of engaging storylines. 

LISTEN | Donna Missal

Why? Because the New Jersey native was born in the midst of a grunge moment that inspired powerful female artists like Mazzy Star, Sheryl Crow and Dolores O’Riordan. Thirty years later, Missal is carrying that torch, with contemporary modifications that fuse rock, country and indie influences. And if her vocals and poignant lyrics aren’t enough, Massal’s powerful exploration and ownership of sexuality is, well — badass. Yes, Missal is definitely geared for adult listening and we recommend you start with her song “Bloom” and begin downloading from there. You’ll be glad you did. 

BUY | Head Radical Elite pickleball paddle

If you’re not one of the millions of people playing pickleball across the globe, the Head Radical Elite is a great paddle (with reasonable pricing) to get you started. From there, you can look for upgrades as your game develops, along with adjustments to size, weight and grip. But for now, it is time you join the masses and buy into the pickleball movement with its inevitable staying power. More and more tennis courts are now accommodating pickleball in the Keys, so grab a paddle and swing into a fun-paced, social sport for nearly any age.

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