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Naturally, the brand-new hospital is equipped with brand new equipment. In fact, many of the machines still have the cling of blue film to keep them from being scratched when the Weekly toured the hospital on May 10. 

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The 3D mammography machine will be operating as soon as the hospital opens the doors. CONTRIBUTED

3D Mammography
The Hologic 3D Mammography technology is more accurate than conventional 2D mammograms, detecting 20%-65% more invasive breast cancers. 

The YSIO X.pree, is a ceiling-mounted radiography system. It has a new 3D camera for patient positioning and advanced collimation, as well as a new smart image processing engine. 

CT scanner
The CT GE Revolution EVO 64 slice scanner can handle complex trauma or cardiac cases, to large busy emergency Departments. It is well suited for those who need to provide the lowest radiation dose possible., including lung cancer screening that can reduce lung cancer deaths by 20% in high risk patients. 

The EPIQ Echo Unit is a dedicated cardiac ultrasound solution which brings significant advancements in functionality. This system delivers quality care through higher processing power, exceptional imaging with more clarity and sharpness. It can perform stroke assessment scans. 

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Baptist Health’s Fishermen’s Community Hospital and Mariners Hospital have added Telestroke services to give patients with stroke symptoms 24/7 emergency access to Miami Neuroscience Institute neurologists who can best diagnose and treat the life-threatening condition.

The American Stroke Association lists stroke as the number five cause of death in the United States. To increase survival and limit long-term effects of a stroke, a patient has up to 4.5 hours from the onset of symptoms to receive intravenous alteplase.

“This is a great development for the Key’s community as it brings reliable 24/7 neurology expertise to the bedside for the evaluation and treatment of stroke,” said Felipe De Los Rios, M.D., medical director of the Stroke Program at Baptist Health’s Miami Neuroscience Institute. “Stroke treatment is associated with significantly improved quality of life after a stroke, but the treatment has to be provided within hours of symptom onset in order to have the best chances of success.”

As soon as a patient with stroke symptoms enters the Emergency Department, the attending team issues a stroke alert and connects with an on-call neurologist at Miami Neuroscience Institute. The patient’s diagnostic imaging results are promptly sent to the consulting physician for review. Using a specialized video cart with two-way, live video and audio hook-up, the neurologist performs an evaluation that includes communicating and interacting with the patient, family members and care team to get vital information, such as the precise time symptoms began to occur. The advanced technology enables the physician to evaluate the patient’s responses and zoom in on tiny details, such as the patient’s pupils. The neurologist then collaborates with the emergency team to determine the best course of action, which may include the administration of a clot-busting drug. 

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Fishermen’s nurse Natalie Matyas, second from right, is recognized by colleagues for her achievement. CONTRIBUTED

Fishermen’s Community Hospital has named Natalie Matyas as the facility’s 2021 Nurse of the Year. Matyas, who is a registered nurse with a bachelor’s degree in nursing, works in the emergency department. 

Nominees are selected by their peers, and Matyas was nominated more than once. 

Matyas, who has been with the hospital for six years, is recognized for her commitment to the profession of nursing and for delivering high-quality care to all patients. She is described as being hardworking, honest, empathetic and compassionate to patients, families and coworkers. She is commended for taking the time to assist and teach other nurses and answer questions with an upbeat, positive and encouraging attitude.

“We are so honored to recognize this extraordinary nurse who goes above and beyond to deliver compassionate care,” said Cheryl Cottrell, vice president and chief nursing officer of Fishermen’s Community Hospital. “Natalie is a great asset to her patients and our team.”

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