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How are you at playing the mental game

Do you ever spend any time appreciating risks you have taken and how they have helped your confidence? So many people don’t. 

They put themselves in a spiral of negativity or unworthiness. In actuality, if they recognized something, at least one thing, they would have a positive mindset shift. It seems simple, right? Not always easy.

I have heard various coaches over the years use the quote, “It doesn’t get easier, you just get stronger.” 

And it’s true. When I take the time to think about it and build up that bank of memories, none of the actions I took were “easy,” however they helped build my strength for the next right step.

My husband, Ryan, and I recently recorded a podcast episode together on The Good Karma Success Coach Podcast Episode 147. The episode had a few story shares about a small business we used to have under our central business umbrella. It was fun remembering those stories and recounting them with Ryan to help others, and it motivated me to do even more in the future. The memories were of the speaking gigs, relationships, learning about TV and the influencer world and building confidence.

As a business owner and a success coach, one of the top challenges is always taking the negative and shifting it to positive lessons. So many people give up on their dreams because they have a few setbacks. But the setbacks make you stronger for the next level. 

We don’t consider that small business not working out a setback. On the contrary, I considered it a positive move forward because now, if we witness someone else doing something similar, we know we tried our best with that model, and it wasn’t for us. So, it’s taking the lemons and making lemonade, whatever flavor that may be — pink, yellow, or the Skinny Blackberry Lemonade that’s very tasty at Skippers in Key Largo. My favorite treat!

In addition, when we closed the business, it was a huge lesson in trusting our intuition and understanding the numbers. When the manufacturer decided to compete with us online, it didn’t make sense for the model. He had the stronger URL, better pricing as he was the direct supplier, his website copied ours and was in English. In addition, he constantly pressured us for more orders. 

Noticing the energetics of people in relation to business is key. Often, business owners miss that piece and continue working in a state that isn’t in alignment with their success. Pulling the plug freed up our energy, time, and money to fund other parts of our business, which elevated much quicker with less stress.

It’s fun to see how far we have come and further appreciate the lessons. My mindset is always positive about the lessons, and I know money can be recouped.

In the Keys, we often have additional challenges that other parts of the country may not face. If you are a business owner, you likely agree. But, so often, people say, “You don’t understand my problems.” And that may be true. So, if that sounds like you, it may take a little bit more strength and courage to find some positive memories to shift your mindset.

Years ago, when I started down the coaching path, my biggest realization is that it’s all a mental game. I always “knew it” but I didn’t “know it.” There is a difference. Now, I rely on that skill set and shift my mindset whenever I need to. 

Winning games take practice, and if you can draw the correlation between mindset being a game and the shift taking practice, you are one step closer to knowing therefore winning.

You can do some research to hear stories about famous athletes and coaches who share the mental journey to their success. Then take some time to reflect on your own experience, and you will likely agree. Then practice the mindset shift and become that winning athlete.

We all have the power within us. Are you using yours?

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