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This Week’s Dive Report

Once again, dive conditions this past week were “Keys-tastic!” I can’t stress enough that this is why so many people visit often and even move here. Our waters are unlike anywhere else in the world.

The flat-calm seas and clear visibility were perfect for our visit to the coral nursery. We harvested some corals to replant on our reefs. This is very needed, as our reefs have degraded tremendously over the years. 

Our corals have suffered because of everything from anchor damage to water quality, from warming seas to coral diseases. Unfortunately, it seems like our corals are suffering the “death of a thousand cuts.” 

Fortuitously, we can use cutting-edge coral restoration to try to bring them back. That’s what these coral restoration dives are all about. We had long-time loyal customer Kurt Williams out with us. He captured these amazing photos you see of us in action.

Next Week’s Dive Report

This week calls for higher winds, with the peak being Tuesday and Wednesday. It should still be doable, just bumpy. Don’t worry: below the surface, things should still remain calm.

Conservation Update

I.CARE will be planting corals again on Saturday. They will be focusing on iconic Alligator Reef. At this site, we have corals being planted shallow and a little deeper. Having corals planted at different depths can hopefully hedge against variability in water quality and temperature.

As a note, we also seem to be seeing more “uninformed” fishermen dropping lines in protected areas. We kindly let them know that these are protected “no-fishing” areas. So, remember to check local regulations before you go out to fish, spear, or lobster hunt. 

Locals, make sure you inform your friends and family visiting from out of town to be good sportsmen and women and to follow all the rules and regulations. They are in place for good reasons.

Conservation Tip

Never fish in protected areas, and check for size and catch limits, seasons, etc.


Call Key Dives to join this week’s coral restoration trip. It’s an experience you won’t soon forget.

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