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This Week’s Dive Report

Wow! What a week. Diving was fantastic. The waters were that famous Keys turquoise blue that you can’t really find anywhere else in the world. We had great visibility and lower winds — just in time for PADI Women’s Dive Day. 

We were pleased to host the “Wander Women” Dive Club to celebrate PADI’s annual day dedicated to diversity in diving. In turn, they helped restore biodiversity on our local reefs by outplanting endangered corals with the Coral Restoration Foundation. These day-long trips are always a blast, because they begin with education about the importance of corals and what’s happening to ours. Then, they always equip us with tips on what we can do to help before we all dive in together to do hands-on restoration. We’re thankful to the club for choosing the Florida Keys and our shop to dive with while they made a difference.

Coral restoration is a science that grew up in the Florida Keys. Organizations like Coral Restoration Foundation and Mote Marine Laboratories, alongside community groups like I.CARE, have continued to innovate while they protect and restore our reefs. It’s always a pleasure to know we are helping ensure the future of our reef when we do good work planting corals. 

Next Week’s Dive Report

This upcoming week looks like we’re in for more good “dive” weather, with low winds and plenty of sunshine. This summer has been strange — for many reasons, weather being only one. Luckily, it seems like we’re in a good patch, for now. Let’s get out there and enjoy our Keys backyard while it’s beautiful!

Conservation Update

Along with our busy days planting corals with the “Wander Women” Dive Club, we also helped train the next round of interns of the Coral Restoration Foundation. It is truly an honor to be a part of anyone’s journey who wants to help the ocean. We’re grateful to these young divers, all of whom have a passion for real change. 

Conservation Tip

Always tread lightly when enjoying the underwater world. Leave no trace — by watching your fin kicks and hand movements and always packing out what you packed (or boated) in.


I.CARE coral plantings on Islamorada Reefs will take place with Key Dives this Saturday.

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