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Category: Columns

SPORTS & MORE: KWHS athletic director also hopes to coach soccer

Justin Martin was born and grew up in Key West, graduated from Key West High, then Flagler College in St. Augustine.  After college, he spent three  years tending to the family  business — commercial  fishing  — before he took on coaching  the Conchs’ girls soccer team. Now, since June, and at the age  of 27, he has become the  school’s athletic director, succeeding Sarah Eckert, who  has become the Key West volleyball coach. Several balls had to fall in the  right place for Martin to become AD: Kim Butler decided she didn’t want to continue as head coach of the school’s volleyball team. Eckert,...

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“We need to take care of each other.” Those were the words echoed by Mike Forster as he sat down with Harriette’s owner Carlos Hernandez and Key Lime Tree owner Violet Wahba in early April 2020 to discuss a plan to provide some 200 meals daily to Upper Keys residents from Harriette’s.  Mike Forster gets a short break during a mass feeding event at Founders Park. WEEKLY FILE PHOTO Forster was several weeks into a hot meal distribution outside his closed Mangrove Mike’s Cafe in Islamorada. A restaurant serving up arguably one of the best breakfasts quickly shifted to a kitchen that served an Upper...

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How are you at playing the mental game

Do you ever spend any time appreciating risks you have taken and how they have helped your confidence? So many people don’t.  They put themselves in a spiral of negativity or unworthiness. In actuality, if they recognized something, at least one thing, they would have a positive mindset shift. It seems simple, right? Not always easy. I have heard various coaches over the years use the quote, “It doesn’t get easier, you just get stronger.”  And it’s true. When I take the time to think about it and build up that bank of memories, none of the actions I took were “easy,” however they helped build...

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My favorite soccer team is Barcelona (or Barça, as it’s commonly known).  And it’s all because of Lionel Messi. But now, Messi, perhaps the greatest soccer player of all time, is moving to Paris Saint-Germain. He says he regrets going to a rival team. I and big-time Barça fans regret it, too. There was a time when I thought I needed to know more about soccer -— European soccer, or football to be exact. At the same time, I was reading an article on Messi and became a fan. Since then, I have followed both Messi and Barcelona. And European football. I mention this because I assume many of you are...

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“Honey, honey, get the fenders ready. Port side, PORT, that’s LEFT, no, MY left! Jesus, this slip’s tight. When did this wind kick up? And where did this current come from? Oh, forget it. I can’t back in with this wind. Other side, honey, OTHER SIDE. I SAID I’m not backing in. Can you not see which side we’re about to hit? I’m NOT yelling. I’m docking. And you’re not helping. As if you could do any better. Unlike your car, this boat doesn’t park itself. Let’s see YOU park something you can’t stop or steer. They’re too low....

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Are birds really just fancy little dinosaurs? — Bi-Residential Barry Yes! Yes, they are.  I started to write about how all the birds we know can be traced to one ancient genus called archaeopteryx. They were these feathered dinosaur things, about the size of a crow, that could probably sorta fly.  I mean, the whole point of doing an “Ask the Bird Geek” column is to answer a couple of quick bird questions off the top of my head without doing a lot of research. Because I’m trying to go on vacation. Because it’s been a long pandemic and I really need to go on a vacation road trip. Like,...

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 ‘Love’ isn’t strong enough. Our language is woefully inadequate. How can the word that describes our affection for, say, a favorite sweatshirt, be the same one we use for the woman who is our everything?  Not only is the word inadequate, but also shamefully overused. We need a stronger, better, more descriptive word for the love between a mother and child. Sure, “love” works for little kids drawing hearts with crayons. But as those kids become adults, we realize the sacrifices this woman has made. The worries we caused. The school projects we forgot until the night before and...

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