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The best and brightest news this week is the movement of lucky, jolly AF Jupiter into water sign Pisces where it will remain until late July. The effect of this home stay can be felt in flexible collaborations, relentless good vibes and heightened intuition. The whole scene is a lot like a Lisa Frank illustration, albeit with more nudity thanks to Taurus still hanging out in the heavens until May 20th. Jupiter will return to Pisces next year so think of these next few weeks as a buoyant preview of the good times to come. 

March 21 – April 19
There is perhaps no word less sexy, interesting or inspiring than budget, but that my ram babies is exactly what you need. Restraint in spending and forethought in saving will take you far this month. You tend to be more invested in living full tilt in the present moment than investing in or for the future, yet, this is an excellent time to show yourself just how satiating delayed gratification can be. 

Notable Aries: Charles Sobhraj/ April 6, 1944

April 20 – May 20
My dear friend and sometimes guru always leaves me with the same mantra, the brief, powerful advice to “get it while you can.’” As we bull folk are closing in on the final week of our ruling season I invite you to adopt and apply this creed to your own life. Do not waiver in your wanting and do not hesitate when it comes to taking.

Notable Taurus: Tony Hawk / May 12, 1968 

May 21 – June 20   

Bauhaus artist Laszlo Moholy Nagy was a painter, poet, sculptor, photographer, industrial designer and filmmaker. He coined the phrase Neuses Sehen, or New Vision to describe his belief that the camera lens was an autonomous tool that operated as a revolutionary second eye for looking at the world. My wish for you Gemini, is that you remain open to the possibility that a new way of looking at the world is not only possible, but looking for you too.

Notable Gemini: Aung San Suu Kyi / June 19, 1945 

June 21- July 22

Poet and fellow crab Ingeborg Bachmann professed, “I am writing with my burnt hand about the nature of fire.” I bring you this scorched sentiment as a reminder that is only by walking through trauma, that we are granted the vantage to understand it and it is only through sharing the experience of that fire that we can light the way for others. As you walk through trials, errors, fires and floods remember it’s better to live with a scarred hand that can write than an unblemished one with no words to move it. 

Notable Cancer: Florence Ballard/ June 30, 1943

July 23 to August 22

One of my favorite Leos, reflecting on being pitted against an adversary remarked, “I don’t compete, because I’ve already won.” I am all for this swinging mane swagger and hope that you adopt it full stop in the weeks ahead. Recognizing that you have no competition to stand against and nothing to prove is the only kind of success worth seeking. 

Notable Leo: Elizabeth Báthory/ August 7, 1560

August 23 to September 22

Architect and fellow Virgo Tadao Ando claims, “My objective is to design a space that nobody else can come up with while using the material that anyone can use.” I suspect Ando’s objective may help guide your own in the weeks ahead. Your greatness lives in your tangible ability to transform the ordinary into the never before seen. 

Notable Virgo: Temple Grandin/ August 29, 1947

September 23 to October 22

Famed front man, wearer of zebra leggings, perfector of the onstage split and fellow Libra David Lee Roth argues, “If you stick your head above the crowd, eventually somebody will throw a rock at it.” Lesser mortals might crouch in fear of that possibility but you, Libra, are not only capable of, but called to stick your neck out and your head up. Whether your bravery is in service of yourself or others you would do well to remember there is no reward without risk. 

Notable Libra: Italo Calvino/ October 15, 1923

October 23 to November 21

This week the sun connects with Pluto, your ruling planet and agent of regeneration and spiritual change. This meeting encourages deep, unblinking, conversations with yourself and others. Subjects to consider; past lives, the healing of ancestral trauma, destiny and whether a previously held belief in fatalism may be holding you back. Don’t be afraid to shed light and share your own darkness. As Sculptor and fellow Scorpio Isamu Noguchi writes, “We are a landscape of all we have seen.” Believe me when I say, the topography of yours is one to behold. 

Notable Scorpio: Ayaan Hirsi Ali / November 13, 1969

November 22 to December 21

This week, your ruling planet, abundant drunk Uncle Jupiter, moves into dreamy Pisces, activating your 4th house of home, immediate family, and familial traditions. You are poised to build the home and home life you have always needed and were possibly denied as a child. The word home itself derives from the Old Norse for world and now, more than ever, the home you create can serve as the foundation for the world you are capable of shaping. 

Notable Sagittarius: Ted Nugent /December 13, 1948

December 22 to January 19 

The planet of war is in your house of partnerships this month Capricorn. The presence of the planet doesn’t mean you have to do battle or arm yourself for it. Instead, channel the energy of Mars into changing the way you address conflict by charging ahead towards a more compassionate style of engagement. You can (I promise) quiet quarrel and invite resolution through thoughtful dialogue and well timed tongue biting. 

Notable Capricorn: Patsy Ramsey / December 29, 1956

January 20 to February 18

Designer, inventor of bent plywood furniture and fellow Aquarius Alvar Aalto writes, “Nothing old is ever reborn, but neither does it totally disappear. And that which has once been will always reappear in a new form.” I bring you Aalto’s words as you move through a season of shifting forms and personal transformation. To become who you will be, you’ll need everyone you’ve ever been. 

Notable Aquarius: Verner Panton / February 13, 1926

February 19 to March 20

Architect and fellow Pisces Luis Barragán utilized raw materials and dramatic lighting to create what he called “emotional architecture,” spaces and places that supported contemplation and serenity. Barragán prioritized feeling over functionality and in the process proved the necessity of the former. I offer you his approach and hope that you will apply it to the work that you do and the work you are doing on yourself. Let feeling guide your scaffolding. 

Notable Pisces: Josef Sudek / March 17, 1896

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